Nail That Headshot Expression

When you’re looking to get a good headshot for business, social media and especially acting you want to “pop” off the screen. Well, how do you create pop and, what is pop anyway? You’d be surprised.

We chose this headshot of Darvey that really pops but it doesn’t rely on bright colors, heavy jewelry, a weird hair style or over-the-top lighting. Ask yourself, what is making her face pop off the screen? 

One reason is the non-use of color. Darvey has black hair, darker skin and she’s wearing black. How can black cause pop? It’s because of what black is -not- doing. Black is not stealing the viewers eye. When we look at an image we are naturally drawn to the brightest area of the image first. It’s a natural human reaction. Conversely dark areas of an image are often the last places the eye travels to. For Darvey’s headshot the judicious application of lipstick draws the viewers attention to her face. Then the highlights on her skin draw the viewers attention to the most important section of the image, the eyes. Since the viewer’s eye is not being pulled away by bright colors or other distracting elements, Darvey’s expression “pops”.

Now, let’s talk about the fundamental ingredient that can make or break any remarkable headshot: your expression. At The Headshot Works, we specialize in capturing authentic, engaging, and confident expressions that reveal your true self. Our innovative system is designed to help you effortlessly position your eyes and jawline, creating a connection that appears as if you’re having a conversation with the viewer, rather than posing artificially.

But here’s the magic – genuine expressions can’t be coached; they must flow organically. This is where our personalized approach shines. We invest time in getting to know you, your goals, and your unique personality. This understanding forms the basis of an ongoing dialogue that continues from our initial conversation to the moment the shutter clicks. When you’re engrossed in genuine conversation, concerns about your appearance or how you want to be perceived melt away. The result? A headshot that captures the real essence of you.

In a world flooded with flashy visuals and over-the-top gimmicks, the elegance of simplicity paired with the authenticity of expression creates an undeniable “pop” that sets you apart. At The Headshot Works, we’re not just photographers; we’re your partners in revealing the vibrant, confident, and approachable individual you truly are. Let’s create pop together!