A portrait is a step beyond the usual headshot. 

A great headshot is an essential element in business, acting and personal communications. But a portrait is a step beyond. The professional portrait is an artistic expression that casts you in a particular mood or setting. The artistry is in how your photographer listens to what you want to accomplish with the portrait and then uses his/her experience and craftsmanship to create a very memorable image.

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Portraits can be full-body shots or close-ups of the face, and they may be taken in a variety of settings and with different poses, expressions, and backgrounds. Portraits can be formal or informal, and they may be used for a range of purposes, such as personal keepsakes, family portraits, or artistic expression.

A good portrait captures the subject’s personality and tells a story about who they are. This can be achieved through posing, props, and the overall style of the portrait.  The little details can make a big difference in a portrait. It’s important to pay attention to clothing, hair, and makeup to ensure that everything looks polished and complements the subject.

In most of our headshot sessions here at The Headshot Works we try to fit in a least one bonus portrait; an image that is beyond your necessary headshot. For a full portrait session we work with you and our lighting  to create an image that is intriguing yet true to your natural look. Take a look at the portraits on this page and you’ll see the subjects inner self jumping off the page.

Ultimately, an exceptional portrait is one that resonates with the viewer and creates an emotional connection with the subject.