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Research shows that it takes less than a second to make a first impression. Your headshot is key in making that impression. We’ll create a photo for you that reveals your spirit in the most impactful way. Contact us now to reserve a photo session that will improve how you’re perceived and you’ll love the results.

At The Headshot Works we start your photo session with a straightforward yet impactful headshot. The image we create for you is perfectly lit to highlight your strongest self. We work with you on the nuances of your pose so that your spirit comes through. The power of good headshot is how your expression transmits who you are.

What To Expect When You Come In

The most important component in looking your best is looking like you. Good portrait photographers won’t ever tell you to “smile”. That’s a formula for a stiff, contrived photo. At The Headshot Works by the time you get in front of our cameras you’ll feel like you’ve been at our studio many times before. It’s sort of like letting your hair down with good friends.

Great headshots and portraits depend on positioning your head and body in flattering positions so the attractive and interesting aspects of you come through in the photograph. We instruct you into wonderful positions using our special, simple posing techniques. It’s easy, effective and fun. And, you won’t hear us say “smile” to you. We won’t have to.

Decide What You Want To Project

You’re going for a headshot or portrait because you want images that accomplish a purpose. That purpose may be to get an audition, impress peers in your industry, attract friends on social media or create a keepsake of you and your family. Clearly defining for yourself what your uses and goals for the photos will determine your decisions for hair, wardrobe and even mood.

For example, if your goal is to improve your presence on LinkedIn or your corporate website you’ll need to pay attention to the suit top, shirt and accessories you select. Your hair style and grooming will be on the conservative side.

If your goal is to update your look for acting submissions then you’ll need to think about roles you want to get. Once the roles are defined in your mind clothing, hair and makeup choices will be easier. For family portraits, it’s all about reflecting your lifestyle. Choose clothing, hair and makeup as you would for a typical weekend outing.