A Serious Portrait Recalls James Dean

The Actor’s Headshot

Chase is an aspiring actor. He knows the value of good, current headshots in advancing his career. This last week he came into The Headshot Works for the third time to update his collection of headshots.

Headshots for actors are different from business headshots and family portraits in that they must show the actor can project different moods and personalities. In order to get going the photographer spends time in conversation learning what kinds of roles he or she is looking to land. From there we can brainstorm the moods and personalities that we want to create in order to send a positive message to a casting director.

For the actor this is critical work. For the photographer this is deeply fulfilling work because of the cerebral collaboration happening in order to achieve a goal. Chase really got into his roles in this shoot. In my eye Chase is channeling James Dean in this image.